Keynote Speaking Topics Covering People, Processes, the Workplace and Better Customer Support

At Creative Performance Solutions, we believe there are four pieces to creating exceptional experiences for your customers. You must have….

Speaking Topics on People


The Seven C’s of Leadership

Learn how competent leaders lead by connecting with others, being committed, courageous and being able to champion change. This sometimes wacky, sometimes serious keynote explores some of the traits required to be an effective leader.

The Seven C’s of Leadership for Physicians

During this program Regina will share seven characteristics that competent clinicians must have to succeed in today’s fast paced, demanding, ever changing healthcare environment. Learn how competent clinicians lead by connecting with others, being committed, modeling courage and being able to champion change. Clinicians will also learn communication strategies that will help avoid litigation!

Leading Others During Turbulent Times

It’s easy to be a good leader when things are calm, employees are competent, customers are polite and the economy is thriving. Unfortunately, that’s not where we are right now. It seems as if every day we read about another company that is declaring bankruptcy, reducing their workforce or reducing their employee benefits. Customers are hording their money and leaders are trying to figure out what strategy to implement next to generate revenue. Truly great leaders emerge when situations become chaotic, employees are frustrated and/or demoralized and confusion is the norm. There are a few things that great leaders do that are fairly consistent.

How to Think Like a Champion

Champions are peak performers! They are at the top of their game and can be found everywhere - in business, sports, government, and education. Champions have outstanding attitudes and know how to overcome obstacles. This program will inspire and energize your audience to not only think like a champion but to act like a champion every day.

Soaring to New Heights

Top performers have a vision for the future; they know where they are going and work hard to stay focused on the result. Top performers learn how to overcome obstacles and stay positive. During this fast passed, witty keynote Regina will motivate you to get moving towards your personal and professional goals. If not now, when?

Speaking Topics on Processes


The Power of Process

Everything you do while you work is part of a process and very often the process cuts across functions! If you can’t map the process then you don’t know what you are doing AND you are probably wasting time, energy and resources. During this witty keynote Regina will share best practices when it comes to process improvement initiatives. She will also demystify popular process improvement

Speaking Topics for the Workplace


Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hiring the best and brightest employees is critical to an organizations success. Keeping the employees productive is the next step! During this fun keynote program you will learn many ways to create a motivating work environment to inspire and recharge your employees. Best practices used by world class organization are shared.

Innovate or Perish

If you are not changing, you’re dying. Are you stuck in your comfort zone or are you challenging the system? Do you ask why on a daily basis? This thought provoking keynote will inspire you to challenge the way you think about business, help you get rid of your mental locks and inspire you to search for the next right answer.

Speaking Topics for the Service and Product Industry


WOW Your Customers or Somebody Else Will

You don’t have to delight your customers, only if you want to keep them coming back. During this upbeat, timely keynote Regina will share with you the four puzzle pieces to building a customer centric organization including: having the right people, the right processes, the right workplace and the right products and/or services. If one of the puzzle pieces is missing, you will fail miserably at proving a fabulous customer experience.