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Sally Riding Among the Stars

by Regina Clark - on Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Sally Riding Among the Stars

Ten years ago, I was in the audience as Dr. Sally Ride delivered the opening keynote address at the Society for Women Engineers National Conference in Detroit, Michigan. I was at the conference to moderate a panel on work/life balance. I vividly remember Sally’s charm, humor, passion and brilliance!

She was inspiring and entertaining. Someone in the audience asked her if she was scared in 1983 when she was about to take off in the shuttle Challenger. Her response surprised me, she said that if you weren’t scared, you were nuts! Dr. Ride was an advocate for improved science education, she founded Imaginary Lines, an organization focused on supporting girls who are interested in science, math and technology. Heaven is a better place now that Sally Ride is among the stars.

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