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Pivot Principles Book Cover


Pivot Principles: Sure Fire Ways to Conquer Change

by Regina Clark, 2019

At work, employees are dealing with restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, downsizing, new product lines, growth, new equipment, global customers, remote co-workers, five different generations in the workplace and a million other changes. This book will help you help others move through change with more joy and less disruption.

Management Made Easier


Managing Made Easier

by Regina Clark, 2019

Today's multi-generational, diverse workforce can be a challenge to manage. This updated workbook includes information on basic skills that every manager needs including delegation, giving feedback, communicating performance expectations, managing remote employees, handling a sexual harassment complaint and much more.

Sexual Harassment Awareness


Sexual Harassment Awareness

by Regina Clark, 2018

Every employee should understand sexual harassment and feel safe at work. In 2018, New York State passed a law requiring employers to have a sexual harassment prevention policy and provide interactive sexual harassment prevention training. This workbook is for training employees about sexual harassment.

101 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience


101 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

by Regina Clark, 2016

EVERY PATIENT DESERVES to be treated with care and clinical competence as the patient moves through the healthcare system. This happens when the organization makes improving the patient experience a top strategic priority.

“AS A QUALITY AND PATIENT SAFETY RN, I know firsthand that the items Regina lists work!”

– Patricia M. Gonzalez, RN, BSN, CPAN, Quality & Patient Safety Officer

“REGINA CLARK TRANSLATES HER EXPERIENCE to simple steps we can all take to improve the hundreds of interactions health care professionals have everyday that translate to exceptional care. 101 Ways is filled with pearls of wisdom we all can benefit from.”

– Robert Walleben, CEO Massena Memorial Hospital

Wow Your Customers or Someone Else Will


WOW Your Customers or Somebody Else Will

by Regina Clark, 2014

Today’s customers are informed, demanding and want their expectations met immediately. They do their homework on the internet and expect knowledgeable professional staff to provide innovative products and services to meet their needs. Today’s customers can also launch social media attacks on any business and destroy reputations with the click of a mouse.

“This book is evidence of Regina Clark’s mastery of the key elements that produce a high performance work force to drive company success”.

Allied Beverage Group, LLC

Are We Having Fun Yet


Are We Having Fun Yet? 75 Ways to Create a Motivating Work Environment

by Regina Clark, 2009

Effective managers know that you can't motivate others. Employees are motivated for their own reasons, not for your reasons. Good managers know how to provide a motivating work environment. This book is full of creative ways to create a motivating environment 365 days a year.

"Regina gets it! She has written the perfect manual for engaging employees and a guide for creating the best possible work environment. She understands there is a direct connection between a highly engaged and motivated employee and a successful and profitable organization. If you want to learn how to lift the human spirit within your organization, then this book is for you."

— Mike Ketcherside
VP of Sales
MTM Recognition


101 Ways To Get Fit by 50

by Regina Clark, 2012

"Regina Clark's book is a great read not only for women at or nearing 50, but for women of all ages! Her common sense approach to good health, and her motivation to achieve her triathlon goal is within the reach of all of us who are seeking a more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle."

— Linda Keller, FNP Horizon Medical Group

"Regina Clark has clearly demonstrated that even at 50 it is not too late to make a commitment to change, to embrace it and to reach your goal. Fit by 50 is a quick read for anyone, at any age, who understands the positive impact exercise can have on their body, mind, and spirit, but needs a little encouragement to get started."

— Jane Appelbaum Pfizer

DiSC PPSS Assessment

The DiSC PPSS is an online assessment tool. After you take the assessment, you will receive a 17 page on line report which will outline ways to increase your effectiveness at work.

The DiSC model is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 - 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DiSC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral preferences.

The DiSC assessment is widely used during executive coaching.