Training People, The Power of Process, Tools for a Better Workplace & Customer Service

We can design a training program to meet your specific needs. Our trainers are subject matter experts with years of design and delivery experience. Some of our past training programs include:

Speaking Topics on People


PIVOT - Conquering Change

There are times in life when change is inevitable. It’s our choice to embrace the change which includes taking a risk or to resist the change. Either way, energy is expended and the future will be different than the past. The current business climate includes mergers, downsizing, acquisitions, shift in product lines, growth, new technology and a million other changes. Being able to adapt quickly to change is a competitive advantage.

Effective Leadership (IQ & EQ)

There is a difference between management and leadership and it’s not your title! Managers do things right. They execute and implement. Managers get the troops moving in the right direction. Leaders do the right things. They determine the future state for their team and/or the organization. Leaders take risks and have courage to sometimes do the unthinkable. They also know when to change directions. During this workshop, participants will examine their own leadership style. Each participant will take an assessment as pre-work and analyze the assessment and commit to an action plan during the workshop.

Coaching & Counseling

Every manager will be faced with situations that require coaching and/or counseling. Setting the stage, sharing feedback, listening and offering support are behaviors that effective coaches use. The counseling and giving personal advice should be left to professionals!

Conducting Performance Discussions

Every employee is entitled to know how they are doing! The ability to share performance feedback is a management fundamental. Feedback should be timely and behavioral based with suggestions for improvement. Too often managers avoid sharing feedback because they think the behavior will go away or eventually change. Effective managers consistently provide feedback not just once a year during a formal performance review.

Assertive Communication Skills for Women

Do you ever feel as if no one is listening to you? Do you have a hard time communicating in meetings? Do you get talked into doing things that you don’t want to do? Do you know how to say no? Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights of others.

Spice Up Your Speaking

Every business leader needs to be able to inspire and engage an audience quickly. This presentation skills program is packed with techniques for making you a better presenter. Each participant will be videotaped and receive individual presentation skills coaching.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are or how many degrees you possess, if you can’t effectively communicate your ideas to others who cares! Introverts and extraverts will both benefit from this program. We will review basic, often overlooked communication skills.

Train the Trainer

Organizations are selecting subject matter experts to train their employees. Subject matter experts often lack the training skills to be effective trainers. The train the trainer program will teach subject matter experts how to effectively teach others.

Secrets of Superb Facilitation

Facilitation is an art. When done well, it adds value to the organization by reaching win/win outcomes. When done poorly, time and energy are wasted. Effective meetings, remotely and in person, typically have effective facilitators. An effective facilitator can help teams reach conclusion faster and with less conflict. Facilitators are process experts who help move discussions along. A facilitator does not need to be a subject matter expert, their job is to help a group reach a determined future state.

Is Your Net Working?

Being able to network and develop strategic business relationships is critical to every leader’s success. People typically do business with people they like. People who are genuine, honest, credible and top of mind. Learn how to be top of mind with others both in person and online.

Speaking Topics on Processes


  • The Power of Process
  • Introduction to Lean/Six Sigma
  • Implementing a LEAN program
  • Implementing a Six Sigma program
Speaking Topics for the Workplace


Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Sexual harassment is a hot topic but unfortunately not a new topic. Employees have been harassed in the workplace for years. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between friendly behavior and subtle sexual harassment. Other times, it's crystal clear.

EmployeEs engagement & Your Bottom Line

Employees are motivated for their own reasons, not for your reasons! Employers can and should create a motivating work environment to improve employee engagement. When employees are fully engaged and care about their work, they will provide exceptional customer experiences, contribute to their work team, and be productive. Engaged employees are also fabulous role models for others. Disengaged employees take up space!

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence is a legitimate concern and can occur in any setting. There are a few industries that are high risk when it comes to dealing with workplace violence. Any industry that deals with the public is high risk. The restaurant industry in NYC is at risk. During the past few years, there have been suicide bombers and active shooters appear in restaurants in major cities worldwide. Don’t put your head in the sand! Be proactive and create a plan for your business and for your employees. During this ½ day program, managers will be exposed to the different kinds of workplace violence and create a plan of action.

Leading Teams When You are Not in Charge

Organizations are becoming flatter and the old command and control method of leading people doesn’t always work. Leaders must know how to create an environment to move teams forward even when the leader has no direct authority over the team members.

Behavioral Interviewing

Making a bad hiring decision is a costly mistake! Every manager and supervisor must know how to conduct an interview that will uncover the best candidate for the job opening. The premise behind behavioral interviewing is that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations. Behavioral interviewing will help you find the best candidate for the job opening. We will also review current EEOC hiring practices.

Speaking Topics for the Service and Product Industry


Leading Patient Experience Improvement

Healthcare organizations are paying close attention to patient satisfaction scores and trying to figure out how to positively impact the scores. One way to impact the scores is to improve the entire patient experience and every touchpoint as the patient moves through the healthcare system. During this full day program, leaders will be introduced to the four areas that impact patient satisfaction and create an action plan to make improvements. The four areas include: having the right people, having the right processes, having the right work environment and offering the right services.

Improving the Patient Experience

Creating fabulous patient experiences every day for every patient is really hard! It's not enough to hire clinically competent staff and hope that they make the right decisions. Every employee and every process impact the patient experience. During this session you will learn what it takes to improve the patient experience and how you can lead the change. Material includes a workbook and a copy of 101 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience.