Leading Patient Experience Improvement

Healthcare organizations are paying close attention to patient satisfaction scores and trying to figure out how to positively impact the scores. One way to impact the scores is to improve the entire patient experience and every touchpoint as the patient moves through the healthcare system. During this full day program, leaders will be introduced to the four areas that impact patient satisfaction and create an action plan to make improvements. The four areas include: having the right people, having the right processes, having the right work environment and offering the right services.

Material includes a workbook and a copy of 101 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

Course Outcomes

This training program for healthcare leaders will:

  • Develop healthcare leaders who are role models
  • Help leaders establish a strategic plan for improving the patient experience
  • Help leaders identify broken processes within the healthcare system which negatively impact patients
  • Help leaders create a motivating work environment

Program Objectives

At the program conclusion, healthcare leaders will be able to:

  • Determine if their leadership style works
  • Identify broken processes within their healthcare organization
  • Implement an action plan which will result in measurable improvement

The following outline highlights some of the program’s key learning points. As part of the training program, we will modify the content as needed to meet your business objectives.

Workshop Outline

Why? The Business Case

Not every patient can be cured but every patient can have a smooth experience when they move through the healthcare system. Healthcare organizations cannot afford to make mistakes and aggravate patients. Disgruntled patients can take to social media and destroy a healthcare organizations reputation or they can sue the healthcare organization.

The Physician as Leader

Physicians are role models. They can create a motivating work environment and behave in ways that make others want to be part of their team OR they can create a hostile work environment and leave others with a bad impression. During this section, we will discuss the physician as leader and use the DiSC assessment to give the physician insight about their own leadership style.

The Right People

During this section, we will review people practices and making the right hiring decisions. Hiring for competency plus attitude is critical to creating an exceptional patient experience. We will also review employee engagement. When healthcare workers are double and triple booked, they burn out.

The Right Process

During this section, we will develop some process maps and examine any broken process in the organization. We might also review LEAN methodology in healthcare.

The Right Work Enviroment

During this section, we will review the current work environment and find opportunities to make improvements.

The Right Services

During this section, we will develop a final action plan for patient improvement.

By the conclusion of this program, healthcare leaders will walk away with an actionable plan for improving the patient experience at their healthcare organization.

Available Formats

One Day