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Regina has years of experience coaching leaders, working with CEO's, CFO's, Directors and other senior level executives.

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Regina's Clients Include

  • Executive Coaching for Procter and Gamble
  • Trainer for Cummins
  • Keynote Speaker for Westchester Medical Center
  • Executive Coaching for ERS

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"We received feedback from over 85% of attendees; many commented that you were one of the best speakers they had ever heard."
— Cindy Aiden, Director Document Management

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Fired, Now What?

by Regina Clark - on Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Fired, Now What?

It was four o’clock on a Friday afternoon in 1994. My boss called me into his office and fired me. It doesn’t really matter why I was fired - corporate Human Resource people like to talk about downsizing, restructuring and reallocating resources. All I knew was that I was fired, devastated, embarrassed and scared. I couldn’t believe that I was actually fired. I was scared because years earlier my husband lost his job and was unemployed for more than a year. Those were the most stressful months of my life; our credit was destroyed, our marriage was stressed, and the bill collectors never stopped calling. Thank God we both had lots of love for each other, college degrees, a healthy baby and a supportive family! I worked as a Training Manager at Macy’s at the time but my salary couldn’t cover our expenses. Eventually my husband decided to join the NYPD. His logic was that he could never be fired and the benefits were good. When you have a baby, insurance coverage is a priority. It’s hard to believe that thirty years have passed since my husband joined the NYPD. We both work to put food on the table, gas in the cars, pay our outrageous New York taxes, and provide for our family. It took us years to reestablish our credit but eventually we did, we worked hard, saved our pennies and bought a house.